Combining the healing benefits of essential oils with the calming nature of aromatherapy, Milk+ revitalizes your mind while enhancing your nails and skin with new found allure. This chic spa offers style, comfort, and a friendly staff of professional beauticians.

Boasting an unmatched collection of premier nail and skin care products from such brands as Chanel, O.P.I, and Essie Cosmetics.

From the complimentary tea and relaxing massages to the engaging service, Milk+ is a real neighborhood gem. Elegantly adorned with abstract artwork, hand-blown lighting fixtures, and attractive modern motif throughout, this salon is the peerless destination to unwind after an exhausting week.

About MIlk+

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Open Daily 10AM to 7:30 PM

2500 Polk Street @ Filbert

2500 Polk Street | San Francisco, California  94109 | info @ sfmilkplus dot com | 415.673.3332

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